Technical Difficulties…..

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Must be problems with the computer.

Could be aliens.

Maybe I am too distraught after I finally watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones.

That episode was so evil, he gets two pics.

I’m actually glad I don’t read that series. I would be so mad I wouldn’t be able to see straight if I had read book 3.

Bush? He seems to get blamed for everything bad that has happened in the last 45 years so I blame Bush for my absence.

Don’t want to pick on one side so… Thanks Obama!

Avoiding the issue?


See you tomorrow with a real thread….maybe. 😛

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. You are funny! I am behind in Game of Thrones, because I don’t have HBO (BOO) but I did read the books, which found wonderful and yet disturbing. I am trying to figure out where in the series you might be, but there are So Many Places you could be mad… LOL. Have a good day!

  2. Where the heck are ya Grumps???? Get yo butt back on here and post! 😀

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