First Week Back – In Review

Not sure how, but it probably could have gone worse than it did. About the only good thing I did this week was I skipped the donuts yesterday. I had a terrible time trying to ween myself off of the carb overload.

This was a particularly tough week to try and kick the carbs and restart the diet.

Someone stuck several pizzas on the grazing table along with jalapenos bread.

We had cake and beignets twice. Along with Friday donuts, someone brought donuts Thursday.

I was in a lunch meeting 4 days this week. 😛

And the Wednesday free lunch was poboys and gumbo.

Tough week.

Not all bad news. I did lose weight this week. I finally stepped on the scale and it was FAR worse than I expected.

My big mistake was waiting almost to the end of the week to get on the scale. I should have jumped on the scale on Sunday and that would have motivated me to make better choices all week.

Here’s to a better week 2 !

Happy Dieting, see you soon.

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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