7, 8 & 9

snl2bchevy2bchase2bs01e01Friday wasn’t great as you already know. I had a bit of a pistachio meltdown. Saturday was good but Sunday wasn’t..  I couldn’t stop eating. Sunday was day 7 and after seven days I was down about 8 pounds. Eating too much on Sunday bounced the scale up a bit but that is gone and at the moment I am down about 10 since last Monday.

The Menu


Breakfast – Burger patty with cheese

Lunch – Pork loin with cheese

Dinner – Pork loin with cheese

Snacks – Burger, Lots of pistachios

Calories – 2400


Breakfast – Burger with cheese

Lunch – Pork Loin with cheese

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Calories – 1500

Good Monday. As I said the scale was up a little bit but not bad. All of the food I ate on Sunday was Atkins approved. Just ate too much.


Breakfast – Burger with cheese

Lunch – Caesar salad and chocolate chip cookie

Dinner – Pork loin with Cheese

Calories – 1500

I did a decent job ordering a salad during a lunch meeting. Everyone else had GIANT gourmet poboys from The Milk Bar.

For some reason, Lisa thought t would be a good idea to order a tray of GIANT chocolate chip cookies. When asked if I wanted one, I was temporarily possessed and responded with a YES!  Oh well, the rest of the meal wasn’t too bad. As Caesars go, this one didn’t look high calorie. The chicken might have been a bit salty so I could bump up tomorrow but that is just a sodium bounce. My calories were probably still under 1500.

freelunchI need to do better tomorrow than I did for the last Free Lunch. We are having White Beans & Rice with chicken and sausage. I need to stick to salad with NO SAUSAGE. Wish me luck!

Happy Dieting, see you in a few days

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. good luck tomorrow- you can do it!

  2. Glad to see you are back posting my friend. I am about to try to get back on a regular posting schedule. 🙂

  3. Hey Where are ya??

    • After a few more disasters I am back. Hopefully for good this time. 😛

      • Better be. I have had one setback after the other and I’m sort of still here. hehe. 🙂

      • Had to buy clothes 2 sizes HIGHER!!!
        I’m in full competition mode for $320 & $100.00 gift certificate plus bragging rights.

        Gail beat me in 2012 so I really want to avenge my loss. I am a bit scared that riding the bike will put some muscle on my legs and with only 6 weeks, that could be enough to keep me out of the victory circle.

        Just glad to finally be back to doing the right things and no longer wasting energy worrying about doing all the bad things. 😛

      • Crossing my fingers and sayin a prayer that you win!! 🙂

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