Where did my mojo go?

If anyone finds my mojo please let me know and I will send you a prepaid package for you to send it to me.

I haven’t been able to put more than a few good days together followed by a few weeks of eating EVERYTHING. I had to buy some new clothes because my small-clothes don’t fit. You would think that would be the kick in the pants I needed but that wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught.

 We’ve been bandying about ideas at work to stop the gains. We’ve all put on weight since the last Biggest loser competition. Some more than other. Some like me exponentially more than others.  There is only one thing we can do at this point.

It’s on. Biggest Loser Fall edition! We weighed in today. My number was so huge I probably won’t be able to mention it here. 😛

This isn’t a full version of the competition. It is only going to last until the Office Thanksgiving lunch in late November.  On top of the normal cash prizes, I got the company to toss in a $100.00 gift certificate for the top Male / Female losers.

I have come up with a maintenance competition. Once the Loser ends, we will weigh in each week until Jan 1. If we gain weight, we have to toss $10.00 into the jar. If on Jan 1, you haven’t gained any weight, you get your money back.

Then of course on the January 1st, Back to the normal New Year version of the Biggest Loser.

Gail is back. She skipped the last competition but she gained the weight back from the 2012 competition so she is back in. Richard who should have won 2013, is back in. One more week and he probably would have beaten me.

The Bike

The competition is only a little over 5 weeks so the only way I can compete with the runners is exercise with diet. My plan is to work my way back up to 10 miles per day. I wasn’t remotely close today but I hit  a little over 4 miles. There weren’t any clothes hanging on the bike but I did need to dust it off.

I also plan to inflate the tires on the real bike and I hope to head up to the levee on the weekends.

The Menu

Nope. After 18 months. I am sick of pork loin. More than sick of it. I couldn’t finish the last one. Hate them. Can’t stand it. Just like scrambled eggs, I ate too many pork loins and can’t eat them anymore.

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snacks  – String cheese

Calories – 1200

Back to string cheese. Just like the pork, I am am sick of almonds. Can’t stand em. They taste like hardened sawdust.

Weight Statistics

I’ll keep a running total of my weight loss during the competition. I was mortified to get on the scale because everyone knew my low number at the end of the competition so I thought about trying to start the diet last week.  I’ve done that for the other competitions and it nearly cost me the win so I maintained all weekend. Had my last burger and fries for the year. Had my last ice cream. That Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake is a pretty solid edition. I’ve been so bad lately that I actually did lose some weight this morning even though I ate too much yesterday. 😛

That’s all I got for the night. I will be posting daily again except for Thursdays.

Good luck to me. Happy Dieting to you, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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