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Jumping straight to Friday for the moment, I was looking forward to my day off and not having to worry about donuts but at the last-minute yesterday I was asked to come in for a few hours.

Donuts all over the place and people telling me I needed to have a couple!

There really isn’t any room for cheating. A few people wanted to move the weigh-in to Thursday to add incentive to skip the free lunch so we had our first Thursday weigh-in yesterday. I had the second biggest loss of about 4 pounds since Monday.

Mr. B was down over 7 and he weighs less than me so he really kicked my tail.

Back To Work.....

The good news is that once he hits 180-185 he slows down. Not sure I can rely on that this time because he is training for a 5k corporate cup race. Lots of running could mean lots of weight dropping off. He does like to drink a few cocktails on the weekend and that usually ends up with a BIG meal down his throat. If he is able to keep his eating in check and keep up the running then he might move ahead of Gail as my biggest competition.

Weight Statistics


Daily Loss – .9 of a pound

Total – 3.9 pounds


Daily Loss – .7 of a pound

Total – 4.6 pounds

I need to have a great weekend with the bike and the fridge!



Breakfast – Leftover Hot Sausage

Lunch – 2 chicken thighs

Dinner – Chicken with cheese

Calories – 1350

I didn’t eat breakfast until I weighed in at work. I hit the leftover sausage hard so I probably have some extra water I can get rid of if I could get down to my normal sodium level. Just haven’t been able to avoid the salt lately.


Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Chicken

Dinner – Turkey burger

Snacks – String cheese, turkey burger

Calories – 1750

Too high. 1500 should be max. I ate lunch too early. Then dinner too early so I was starved and had an extra turkey burger snack which is bad for calories and sodium levels. I need to behave the rest of the weekend.

The Stationary Bike

Good news on the bike front.

Thursday – 6.2 miles

Friday – 8.2 miles

I should be back to 10 miles a day by the end of the weekend if not tomorrow.

Have a great weekend. Happy Dieting.

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