Slowed Down!

Day 7!!!

I knew the scale would eventually slow down to a normal pace but I still wasn’t happy to see the tiny loss this morning after my nice 8 mile ride last night. I wanted to toss the scale in the trash.

For those who watch Parks & Rec, that gif is what Ron Swanson wants to do to NBC servers after the Powers That Be put the show on hiatus!

Weight Statistcs

Daily Loss – .1!

Total Loss – 7.4 pounds

I need to keep up the pressure and I need to BEHAVE on Wednesday. I’ve been insanely busy the last couple of days so my plan of taking a half day Wednesday isn’t looking good at the moment. Going to have to break out the old school willpower but not sure where I lost it.

Mr. B claims he had a 5 pound gain over the weekend. Possible, because as I said last night, he likes to go out to dinner on the weekends. However, not to be to indelicate but I have seen him drop 5 from a morning weigh-in to an afternoon weigh-in. The employees at his waste disposal factory are on steroids.

The Menu

Breakfast – Hamburger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snacks – String Cheese, Turkey burgers

Calories – 1400

We had a lunch seminar today but nothing remotely tempting to eat. I could have grabbed a salad but sometimes those things are almost as bad as a sandwich.

I’m just about out of supplies which is a bit of a predicament. I hate going to the store after work but I think I have 2 days left. Heck, if I can’t take Wednesday off, maybe I will take a 1/2 day Thursday and grab my groceries then. I still haven’t settled on the menu going forward other than String cheese. Same as usual, I don’t really like it or dislike it. The perfect snack with which I will not over indulge.

The Bike

Tough night. My legs were barking at me from last night. They were weak and wobbly. I didn’t pay any attention to them and kept chugging along for 8.6 miles, albeit a tad slower than last night.

Sorry for the almost medialess post. I’m too tired to think tonight.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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