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plateau iiWay too soon for me to be hitting a plateau. Heck, not even a plateau. The dang scale moved up a tiny bit this morning. I really wasn’t expecting that after 8.6 miles and 16.6 miles in 2 days. I also kept my calories low, so I wasn’t happy to see an uptick. Nope. Not happy at all. Especially aggravating because I won’t know how everyone else is doing until Thursday.

angry_wet_catI felt like that picture for most of the day.

The Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Hamburger with cheese

Dinner – Tuna with salad

Snacks – Turkey burger

Calories -1250

I decided that it wouldn’t be smart to run out of food. I could use that as an excuse to eat some of the Mexican Feast tomorrow. Off I went to Sam’s after leaving work. I decided to nix the Turkey burgers. I eat more than one too often and they simply have too much sodium. 700mgs. Bye bye TB.

I decided to go back to hamburgers but I switched brands. I was buying pre-formed raw burgers from the freezer section. Those things didn’t taste too good but it was less of a hassle than getting fresh meat, forming the patties and then storing them.

I noticed that a pre-cooked brand only had about 100mgs more sodium than the raw burgers so I grabbed a couple of boxes. Yum! I’m sure they would taste terrible to most people but after eating that other brand for 18 months, these taste like gourmet food and they are pre-cooked.  Less hassle. Less cleaning up.

Grabbed some chicken again to replace the pork. I think it will be a solid year before I ever show interest in a pork loin again. I needed something else, so I grabbed tuna fish. One can of tuna has slightly higher than 1/2 the sodium of the turkey burgers.  Even with the processed food the sodium intake will be well below 2000 mgs. Probably 1700 to 1800.

AngryRainCloudWeight Statistics

Daily Loss – ++++++++ 2/10 of a pound

Total Loss – 7.2 pounds

Not happy with a gain. Ain’t nobody got time for a gain! Gail is probably melting away. Mr. B said that he gained 5 pounds over the weekend after drinking plenty of booze, eating pizza and having 2 poboys.

Somehow he was back to his low this morning which puts him down 7 since the start. With his metabolism he might drop 2 more by Thursday. He is going to a basketball game Wednesday night so even if the Mexican Feast doesn’t get him tomorrow, beer and a hot dog probably will tomorrow night.

The Bike

I’m currently writing the blog to avoid riding the bike. Procrastinating! I imagine my legs are going to have much after back to back 8 mile rides. I’m hoping to make it 3 in a row but not sure I have it in me. My stomach was bugging me a bit earlier but it seems to have settled down for the moment.

I’m back. I was able to hit 8.8. A good day. Would have  been better if the scale had moved in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow after the MEXICAN FEAST!

That was my plate at the last Feast! 😛

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. stay strong at the feast!

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