Donut Day!

Every other Friday, I am in charge of picking up the donuts. Nothing like having a car load of hot donuts at 6am. With the sobering results yesterday, I wasn’t even remotely tempted by the donuts. Still think I should get a 2 pound handicap in the contest for having to drive for 30 minutes with hot donuts! 😛

Weight Statistics

Daily Loss – 6/10

Total Loss – 8.4 pounds

I’m glad to see the scale moving today even though I had a bit too much sodium once again yesterday. I need to have a better weekend than the last. Not that I cheated last weekend but i did eat slightly too much. I need to keep hitting the bike hard and keeping the calories between 1200 – 1500.  Meanwhile Gail sits somewhere eating a bowl of lettuce with steamed broccoli. 😛

The Menu

Breakfast – Angus burger with cheese

Lunch – Tuna with salad

Dinner – Angus with salad

Snacks – String cheese

Calories – 1300

The menu could change. If I get the motivation to cook some chicken, then I will swap out the burger for dinner. Calories will be about the same either way. I really love those new pre-cooked burgers. Flame broiled taste without the mess. Nice. Not sure how long I am going to hit the tuna fish. Already losing interest after only 2 meals.

The Bike

Same problem last night with too much energy when trying to go so sleep.  Heck, I rode the bike at 5:30 and I still had the energy surge problem at 11pm. I don’t see an options because I really can’t imagine waking up early enough to ride the bike before leaving for work on any consistent basis.

I took a half day vacation today so I am hoping to get on the bike a bit earlier today. Sleep isn’t an issue over the weekend but I don’t need to be wide away on weeknights when I wake up at 5am.

Hmm. I was going to hop right on the bike but a 4 hour nap interrupted that schedule and it is taking me a bit to wake up.

Boom indeed. 10.1 miles again even though my legs felt like rubber.

Have a great weekend!

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Great job resisting the donuts! I have birthday celebration 2 of 3 for my son today. i made a homemade chocolate cake from scratch. Not sure if I will be able to do the same.

    • mmmmm…. cake. Good luck with the cake. I don’t think I could resist if it was in the house with me. 😀

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