Big Pile of Temptations

The morning started with several big bags of beignets. None for me!

5 trays of fried shrimp, hot roast beef, ham & cheese, turkey & cheese and pastrami & cheese poboys. I had the fun task of picking them up. The smell of the fried shrimp was overpowering!

After the devouring hoard demolished the food. None for me! Those sandwiches hung around all day. Oh, on top of all of those temptations, we had plenty of leftover meatballs and lasagna.

The Menu

Breakfast – Angus burger with cheese

Lunch – Pistachios

Dinner – Tuna and salad

Snacks – Chicken, pistachios

Calories – 1250

Rats! Another pistachio violation!

The Bike

My legs were a little bit better tonight. 51 minutes for 12.7 miles.

Now on to the important news of the day. Nothing much to report on the scale. It didn’t budge an inch from yesterday so I am down 13.8 pounds since the competition started. Speaking of which….


Gail     – 6.30%
Me       – 6.06%
Mr. B  – 5.22%
Kman  – 4.70%
Cap      – 3.94%
Cindy  – 3.18%

I dropped 3 pounds this week and Gail only dropped 1 pound. She stayed in first place but I pulled much closer to her. Now the head games start. Did she really only drop 1? Did she wear heavy clothes or drink tons of water in order to hide her real drop? 😛

Mr. B continues to work hard.  Heck, if I don’t catch Gail, I am not even assured second if Mr. B continues to run and run and run. I have to keep hitting it and hitting it hard.

In order to win, I think I need to drop 3 pounds a week for the last two weeks. 6 more pounds and I might take the crown. Only problem is I don’t think I can lose that much in the last 2 weeks. I’ll give it my all. Just  two more miserable weeks.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man


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