Where did that week go?

My daily posting hasn’t been a success. Somehow a whole week shot by.

I had a pretty good week. No cheats and I didn’t have any restaurant temptations in the last week.

Poboy day!

I was tempted by Free Lunch Wednesday. The hot sausage and meatball poboys were screaming for me to devour them but I held strong. I just had a salad with grilled chicken. I had a salad with some meatballs off the bread on Thursday.

Beignets & King Cake!!!

Only 1 more week of King Cake. A client dropped off 5 large king cakes. Then someone dropped off a few dozen beignets. The office reeked of sweet frosting. 😛

I skipped it all, but it took until 4pm for all of the king cake to disappear. I was beginning to crack.

2 more lunch and learns last week but I was able to avoid the food from both of them.

Today I avoided  King Cake for breakfast, BBQ during lunch and jambalaya & other party food at a birthday party.

The Contest

Last Thursday, I was down about 14 pounds total which is only  good for 3rd place. I did gain about .5% on the leaders but they are still a full 1% ahead of me. I thought The Kman would stop losing once he hit a certain weight but he is still hitting the diet/fast hard.  Mr. B slowed down a little bit but I heard he was eating cucumber slices while everyone else ate cake over in the Texas office.

3 of the 5 weeks, I had the biggest % loss. Those other two weeks hurt me.

I’ve been keeping the calories to approx 1500. No meltdowns like last week.  Almonds work much better than pistachios as my snack.

I’ve been eating burgers with salad, tuna fish with salad and pork chops with salad with almonds on the side as a snack. Thursday will be the halfway mark. I’m hoping to start on the bike soon………soon.

Happy dieting, see you soon….

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man



Catching Up


I was actually down 4 pounds for the week. That bumped me from 6th place to 3rd in the biggest loser contest.  I still have a long way to go to catch 1 & 2. They are well past 6.3% and I am down around 4%.

Not going to come close to them this week. Kman is on top and Mr. B is right below him. Kman is doing the 5 normal days, 2 fast dealio and he isn’t eating much on the 5 either. Plus he works out. Not sure I can catch him unless he hits a wall. He really doesn’t look like he can lose much more.

I sat out of the Lunch & Learn to skip the BBQ. However, there was tons left over and when I cleaned up the media room, somehow I ended up with a plate of brisket and sausage.


The BBQ didn’t hurt. I was actually slightly down on Friday. Well at least until the Pistachio Incident.  When will I learn my lesson. I can’t diet and have a big bag of pistachios in the pantry. I had a good eating day until I started mowing down the pistachios.

That is just about creepy enough to slow me down from my pistachio rampage. Not quite.


I was only up slightly, even with the Pistachio Incident. Well,  at least until Pistachio II: The Rest of the Bag.

I had to go to lunch but I was about as good as I could be. I had a burger on a lettuce bun and a Caesar side salad. Also had a decent dinner, then went off the rails polishing off the pistachios. That’s it! I guess I need to stick to those darn almonds.

Boring! I can barely tolerate them but that is going to be my snack until the competition ends in 7+ weeks.


Up 1.2 after the pistachios.  Sunday was The Day of the Chop. I cooked up a mess of pork chops and then proceeded to eat a mess of pork chops. Not a bad calorie day. I was probably around 1500 for the day. Still ate a bit too many chops.

Wish I had a grill! Those sure look a lot better than the ones I cooked.


I’m back to where I was on Thursday, but still a pound higher than the Friday low.  We had donuts and king cake today. I abstained.  Pretty good calorie day today under 1400 calories. A couple of burgers and a couple of salads.

Mardi Gras is heating up so it is going to be nonstop King Cake at the office. Not to mention the seasonal King Cake ice cream from bluebell.



Getting old! I started wearing glasses today! Probably needed them for the last 15 years but knew there was NO way I was going to pass the eye test when I renew my driver’s license. 😛

Going to take a while for me to get used to wearing these darn things!


Happy Dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Thursday Results & Weekend Wrap

She hasn’t sung yet but she is warming up. I pulled almost 4 pounds for the week and I LOST ground. Gail pulled a 2.5 and increased her lead. With the competition ending on Wednesday, I don’t have a chance to catch her.

Gail – 8.06%

Me – 7.81%

KMan – 6.06%

Mr. B – 5.42%

Oh well! I did my best and Gail once again cleaned my clock!

The Queen Bee of Weight Loss takes the crown again!

We start all over again on January 2nd with the normal 12 week competition. I’ve tried to get people interested in a maintenance competition but so far there hasn’t been much interest to have a maintenance comp over the holidays.

The Bike

I was grumpy about the weigh in and I was worn out so I went to sleep Thursday without a bike ride.

Friday – 60 minutes – 15 miles

Saturday – 40 minutes – 10 miles

Sunday – 40 minutes -10 miles

Friday wore me out. It was a real struggle to get 10 done on Saturday.

The Menu

Thursday – 1450

Friday – 1000

Saturday – 1265


Breakfast – Angus burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Tuna with salad

Calories – 1000

I had to go to a BBQ place for lunch on Thursday and they didn’t have any salads. I think I did fine with a smoked chicken breast and some Brisket.  Overall, my calories are down for the final few days. Doesn’t matter. The scale won’t move!

Angry JacksonWeight Statistics

That is the look I have been giving my scale. No real drop from Wednesday to Friday. Then it looked like I had a decent drop yesterday only to see the scale take it back this morning. With 3 days to go, I’m down just about zilch since the last weigh in!

I’m down around 18 since the comp started but I was hoping for a great last week and it isn’t happening!

Now I need to start game planning for post competition behavior. I do plan to go a little bonkers on the Office T-Giving feast. Same for the following week with the Family T-Giving feast, but then I need to drop those gains. I plan to try to maintain my current weight until the competition at the beginning of the year.

Happy Dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Is it over yet?

Getting a little tired of the mean scale. Once again I was the same weight Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! I didn’t have anything nice to say on Monday or Tuesday so I didn’t post.  I did have a good drop this morning so here I am.

Weight Statistics

Daily Loss – 1.7 pounds

Total Loss – 17.2 pounds

Just praying the scale doesn’t bounce back up after such a big one day drop. I needed to lose 4 pounds this week to catch Gail. At the moment I am at 3.4.  I can’t afford the scale to move up. I would like to see a drop down, but I will settle with the scale holding firm on the number this morning.

The Menu

Breakfast – Angus burgers with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Tuna with salad

Snacks – Burger with cheese

Calories – 1200

Lots of temptations today. The free lunch wasn’t too exciting. Stewed chicken, hamburger steak and mashed potatoes.  However, I had a lunch and learn and we had a tray of poboys and a tray of cookies and brownies.

I was really taking a long hard look at the brownies. The poboys didn’t bug me too much but the cookies and brownies were screaming at me.

None for me!

The Bike

Monday – 48 minutes – 12.1 miles

Tuesday – Nope

Wednesday – 50 minutes – 12.6 miles

I hopped on the bike Tuesday night, but my heart and legs weren’t in it. I decided I needed a break. 26 of 29 days I hit the bike so a few breaks are warranted.

The contest could be over tomorrow. I all depends on Gail’s number. If she has a big day then there is no way I can catch her. If she hits 2 pounds, I am in trouble. The contest ends next Wednesday. We have our office Thanksgiving party. I can’t wait!

Wish me luck!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Weekend Upate

The scale had me so angry, I didn’t feel like posting on Friday and Saturday. A plateau is one thing but a big spike UP is intolerable.

Weight Statistics

Friday – Up .7

Saturday – Down .7

I wasn’t the least bit happy with that. Even though I dropped the Friday gain, I was still aggravated. That is 3 straight days without going below my Wednesday weight.

Sunday – Down 1.4

Total Loss – 15.4  pounds

That was a nice drop this morning. I need for it to not only hold but drop even more tomorrow. My only hope for victory is at least 3 per week and I am moving at a slower pace this week than previous weeks.

The Bike

bike sunset

I thought about taking Friday off again but with less than two weeks to go in the competition, I decided I couldn’t take a break.

Friday – 52 minutes – 12.95 miles

Saturday – 50 minutes – 13.1 miles

Sunday -40 minutes – 10 miles

I was all worn out today. I just about stopped after 5 minutes but I kept plodding around for another 35 minutes. Not bad when I still get 10 miles on a bad day.

The Menu

Friday – 1500 calories

Saturday – 1400 calories

Breakfast – Angus burger with cheese

Lunch – Tuna salad

Dinner – Angus burger with cheese

Snacks – Pistachios

Sunday – 1400 calories

I thought the extra carbs might be causing the gain and stalls so I have tossed the rest of the Teriyaki chicken into the freezer. I need to cut those carbs as low as possible for the final 10 days.  Whatever menu I pick next time I hit the store, I need to watch the carb count. I might have to drop the pistachios.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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