Monday Weigh-In! SHORT POST!

I hate this computer!!!

I feel like I have gone back in time and I am now using a dino powered computer!

Weight statistics


I’m not happy. 2 days in a row I am a little bit up. Grrrrr!

Poor cat. That is almost as bad as Ralphie.

My Calories today were about 1000 to 1200 but the sodium was through the roof at 4800 so I will probably gain some additional water tomorrow.

Darn Butterball turkey burgers. Oh and I was lazy and bought a Winn Dixie rotisserie chicken which has about a zillion mgs of sodium per bite.

No wonder they are so tasty. I wish they would cook the darn chickens without 800 mgs per bite.

The good news is that I stuck to just 1/4 of the chicken. Bad news is that means I have 3 more meals out of it with zillions of mgs of sodium to go.

The Challenge

No! Wrong challenge!

Come on people! Confess your weights.

I will post a chart with all the updates!

Errr…… no I won’t. At least not until I get my super computer running again.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

What? I said the post was short! 😛

Tired and Sore Tuesday

I’m tired today. Tired because I couldn’t fall asleep last night. My energy cycle seems to be all wonky. I have no energy during the day then it kicks on at 1am and I can’t sleep. 😦

Don’t think I feel asleep until about 5am.

I’m also tired of the stupid scale sitting on 199.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken with onions

Lunch – Tuna fish with avocados and salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty, slice of cheese and salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1200

Biking Update

I was definitely worried that I would use the bike repair as an excuse to miss a few days of riding so I wasted no time in forcing myself to work on the bike.

Actually, the repair was easy. Just loosened a bolt and the thingamabob popped back in place on its own. Then I just had to tighten the bolt back up.  Repair time was a total of 2 minutes.

The wind was tricky again. I thought I had a head wind but that was just some random swirling wind. I actually had a tail wind which made the ride home a real pain. My legs are still feeling it today.

Road Marker 350 – 7.2 miles

Tip Of The Day

Don’t over do it. Don’t push too hard too fast. This can be a fine line to walk because you need to push yourself some to see some improvement but if you push too hard, you can end up burned out and miserable which leads to the end of your diet and workout plans.

If you combine workout burnout with plateau frustration then  you have the perfect storm for quitting.

So, you need to keep yourself from getting burned out. If you are exhausted from a workout on the previous day, then simply take a day off. Don’t push yourself to total exhaustion. Or have a light workout day. Just be careful that if you take a day off, it doesn’t stretch to more than one day. As I said, it is a fine line to walk. Teeter to far to one side and you burn out and teeter to far to the other side and you get used to taking the day off.

I have two off days scheduled each week, but if one day I am simply too tired to hit the bike, I have no problem just taking an extra day off.

Just remember, if those batteries are on empty, give them an extra day to recharge.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

Back On The Saddle Saturday

This is about how I spent Friday. I was exhausted and totally out of energy.  I said I was going to take 2 of the next 3 days off so I decided to take Friday off. No bike riding. I’ll get back on the saddle later today.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken and onions

Lunch – Tuna fish with bacon

Dinner – Double burger patties with salad.

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1300

OMG! The tuna fish was so good compared to those eggs. I have a little bacon left over so I will use that up while the avocados ripen. Yum! So glad I stopped eating those nasty eggs.

I was really feeling run down yesterday.  Probably more than I have in the last year. Could be the diet and exercise or could be I’m about to get sick.  I decided to add a few more calories to the menu. It was probably a little over 1300. I was definitely feeling better in the evening with more calories and no bike for the day.

I would certainly be feeling much better if I could fill a nice mug like this one with steaming hot community dark roast. 😦

Someone remind me why I gave up coffee for Lent at the same time I started exercising when I was already on a restrictive diet. 😀

Oh well only a 1000 days to go before I can fire up the coffee maker. I need to mark the date on my calendar.

Well, I may not be as small as that fellow but I have finally said good-bye to the 40s.

Picked up a pair of size 38 shorts today and I probably could squeeze into a 36 if I had to.

I’m not sure when the last time I was able to fit in a 38. Probably early high school. The bike riding is going to help slim me down more.  I only bought one pair of the 38s because I don’t intend to be here for long.

Wow! Clothes sure are much cheaper for the normal weight crowd. Only $8.00 for a pair of jeans shorts. It is so nice to be able to walk into most stores and find something to wear after 20 years at the big and tall store.

I’ve been going to Ferrara’s Big & Tall in Metairie, Louisiana forever. I’ll give those guys a nice shout out because I went in there last month just to have them measure me for my shirt size and the owner Big Al, gave me two really nice leather jackets of his that he could no longer fit in. Thanks Al.

Tip Of The Day

Hermit Mode

You don’t have to move out into the middle of nowhere like the fellow to the left but I think hermit to semi-hermit mode is very important for a successful diet, especially at the beginning of a diet.

If you are out with friends at a bar drinking beer and eating cheese fries your diet never really started and being around friends drinking beer and eating cheese fries is going to make you miserable. Plus those friends will continue to coax you into having a beer until you finally relent.

Early on, you should stick to your home and skip social engagements at all cost. Not everyone agrees with this step but missing your social life for a finite period of time is well worth the end results.

Going out to dinner with friends is just as bad as bad as going out for drinks. Until you have a full head of steam going, it is sheer folly to head out to dinner with friends. You may be able to have one good night out but the continued temptation can simply be too much for the average person.

This doesn’t mean you need to hide up in your home and board up the windows. It just means you need to limit the number of times you go out. For the last year, I’ve kept it to no more than once or twice a month. Yes it has been boring but I would rather be bored 1 year and drop 126 pounds than go out and still weigh 323.

Use your head. You know which social events you should skip and which ones you can withstand.  Make sure all your friends know about the diet so maybe they will be willing to head to healthier restaurants or have healthier food when you go to a dinner party. Also throw your own dinner party with healthier food.

The main point is that you need to avoid situations with massive temptation. I know It can’t always be done. There are some events you can’t get out of. You just need to muster all your energy and willpower at those times.

If you only go out on rare occasions like me, you can even have a treat from time to time.  My dad is taking me out to lunch for my birthday on Monday and I will eat just like I normally would. I’m not going to pick a salad. I can do that because I haven’t cheated in over a month. So the rare cheat is okay as long as it is rare.

Pick your moments to enjoy your social life but once again, if it is early in your diet you should hunker down in the bunker.

Enough ramblings from me for the day. Happy Dieting and see you guys tomorrow with my latest woes from the bike trail. 😀

The Grumpy Man



Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs, slice of cheese

Lunch – Chicken with onions and salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad

Snacks – String cheese

Calories – Approximately 1200

The eggs have to go. I can no longer eat them. I’m to the point of tossing my cookies while eating them. I love them if there is tons of cheese with the eggs, but the bites that are nothing but eggs, make me ill.

I got a suggestion from a fatladysingingmysong to switch to tuna and avocados for breakfast. I’m going to check that out. Tuna is going to add a lot more sodium but I’m well below the recommended dosage so I have some room for extra. It sounds tasty and It would be something I know I would enjoy 1000 times more than eggs. Just need to check the budget and the sodium.

Bike Update

I procrastinated until the very last second. I simply could not get motivated today. I was totally exhausted and I was about to fall asleep on the couch when I realized I would have to come here and tell you I took a nap instead of hitting the levee.

I think the nap would have worked out better for me. 😀

Up to the levee I headed with wobbly legs and not much energy but plenty of determination not to let you guys down.

The wind is blowing like crazy. This time the flag wasn’t trying to hide the gale force winds from me. I decided to take a picture of the flag flapping in the wind.  Instead I got this.

WTH??? The stinking pole has the power to hide from cameras. Is the flag pole a vampire?

Well, my picture-taking skills have once again been proven to be at the kindergarten level, but that is neither here nor there.

The wind was blowing pretty hard. At half a mile, I was ready to call it a day but then I realized I would have to come back here and tell you I went 1 mile instead of five. At 1 mile, again I was ready to call it a day but once again I could see your sad faces that I only went 2 miles.

At about 1.5 miles I didn’t care what you guys would think but I didn’t want to give in so I pulled over and took a little nap. 😀

Rejuvenated from my little siesta, I was able to get the full 5 mile ride in. Thanks for pushing me so hard. You guys are mean. 😛

I have decided that I won’t be doing a Saturday distance ride. Until further notice I am only going to ride 5 days a week. So I may ride today or I might not. If I ride today, then I get Saturday and Sunday off to recuperate.

I know I know I know. I am breaking  on of my cardinal rules. I am pushing myself a too hard too fast. Years of inactivity and poor shape can’t be made up in 7 days of riding a bike.

I get that. That is why I canceled the distance ride and I will be taking 2 days off each week. So I am trying to adhere to my own tips. 😀

Do as I say, not as I do. 😀

Tip Of The Day

I have a simple short tip on this glorious Friday. Vitamins. Find a good multi-vitamin and make sure you take it each day. DISCLAIMER – as long as your doctor has told you that you may take vitamins. 😛

Pretty much all diets are somewhat restrictive so you need to make sure you are getting all those necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs to…survive.

A very simple step but not one I paid much attention to in the past. I think I used to buy a bottle of vitamins but I would never actually take them daily. This time I take those suckers every day and have since day 1.

Happy Dieting, have a GREAT WEEKEND, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

Worn Out Wednesday

No not me. I know I just had a birthday back on the 7th. Today is the 1 year birthday of my diet.  ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! 😀

Who the heck has a diet that can get birthday gifts? Me, that’s who.

The last year has been a real pain in the you know what but it has of course been worth all the effort and sacrifice.  I don’t think the diet will see 2 years, but I can start on maintenance and hopefully maintenance will live a long happy prosperous life. 😀


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken and onions

Lunch – Big salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty, cheese slice, salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – Under 1200

I couldn’t force myself to eat eggs today. Yesterday I had to drink a big gulp of water to get them down. I can’t stand them.  The bacon ran out because I kept using it for snacks too.  So I need to hit the store for some bacon and maybe a new snack.  Not sure what I can snack on in induction.  Maybe raw broccoli or cauliflower.

Bike Update

Road marker 290 – approx 5 miles.

I walk out of my apartment with the bike, climb up to the levee and see a flag that looks exactly like the one to the right. No movement at all. I wait a bit. Still no movement.

I head off in my normal direction and for the first time, I am not riding into the eye of a hurricane.

I felt good enough to continue several road markers past my last ride.  I didn’t have to shift to the lowest gear to get through the wind and small children pulling their red wagons did not pass me today.

Other bikers?  The blew past me like I was 92 using a walker. 😀  An overweight 90-year-old lady zipped past me like she was on a motor scooter.

Here are a few pictures from my ride out.

The Road Out

The Mighty Mississippi


A Spectacular Shot Of The Pavement
The Road Home

This leads us to my adventure getting back home.  That flag up near the top of the post. It lied!!!

I turn around after about 2.5 miles and to my horror. WIND! Where did that come from. Heck, I only did 3 miles total yesterday and now I need to do 2.5 miles back to my apartment in the wind.

That was not a pleasant experience. My legs were like rubber by the time I got back. Most of the ride back was in just about the lowest gear.  Even the tortoise decided slow and steady was too slow.

The good news is that I survived a nice 5 mile trek. Today I may shoot for the same distance.  Maybe the whole week I will go for 5 miles until Saturday when I will push it a bit.

I’ve decided I will have a normal ride during most of the week, then on Saturdays I will push the distance a bit followed by a rest on Sunday. I might toss another rest day in there. Maybe Wednesday but not this week. Maybe once I start hitting longer distances I will give myself  two days to rest during the week.

Tip Of The Day

Coke and all other sweet drinks need to go. Even if you aren’t low carbing.

These things are fueling obesity in America with the evil high fructose corn syrup. It is too easy to drink 2 to 4 of these things a day for a total of over 500 worthless sugar packed calories.

I was a big coke drinker.  I was hooked on the stuff, but to tell the truth it wasn’t that hard to completely remove it from my diet. I am not sure if I have had one coke in the last year. I’ve only had a few diet sodas and those were when I was at the home of friends or family. I always get iced tea when out at a restaurant.

Those sugar bombs are not worth the damage they do to your body.

I have to admit, I hate drinking water but I’ve been doing it for 1 year with not much trouble.  You can jazz it up with a lemon or lime twist. I’ve heard green tea has some healthy benefits.  I started and stopped with green tea because Atkins frowns on caffeine.  Mainly because caffeine can stimulate hunger, although I didn’t notice an increase in hunger during my coffee binges.

Find something other than the sugar bomb sodas that you can drink and run with it.  Cut that sugar completely out of your diet and never look back.

I do admit I am tempted to try a coke after a year just to see what it would taste like now. Probably taste like drinking a can of whipped cream.

Stay away Mr. Sugar Bombs!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man

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