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Wal-Mart is in fact trying to make my heart explode. Come back tomorrow to hear the new edition to the Wal-Mart saga.


The Very Grumpy Grumpy Man

Wal-Mart Breaking News


I finally received a call from Wal-Mart. I was told I have 2 options.

1. $9.00 discount and I wait and hope it actually arrives on 3/12.

2. Refund in 3 to 4 days but I have to actually go into the store when the original bike actually gets there and I must refuse the order at that time. So I need to drive way way out of my way to tell them I am refusing the order when the bike actually arrives. If not, I am charged for the bike.

The person I spoke with several times apologized for MY confusion on the online ordering process.

I told him that the system was not in the best interest of the customer but in the best interest of the accountants wanting the easiest way to split the revenue numbers between online orders and regular store revenue.

I told him I wanted the refund but I was not driving all the way to the store to refuse a bike when I was doing it at this time.

He said I was refusing both options. I said to him again, no I am not refusing the refund I am refusing the affidavit that I will have to drive to the store to refuse the bike when it gets to the store.

He said he could not help me then.

I told him I would like to speak with his supervisor. He said he was the top dog. I said no you aren’t you report to someone and I want to speak with them. He said they were not in the office. I said I would wait to hear back from his supervisor.

Yes, I am probably pushing this too far but 19 days is ridiculous. Having to drive to a store to refuse an item when I have already done it on the phone is also ridiculous and $9.00 is also ridiculous.

Hmmmm…..maybe I am not pushing it too far.

Time to hunker down for battle.

I will probably end up taking the refund but I am going to try and get the stupid store declination thing waived. That really is just silly. ┬áIf I can’t I guess I’m stuck going to the store, but I know I am NOT buying the bike from Wal-Mart now and I may have to change my weekly visits for groceries.

Today with 100% more grump, The Grumpy Man

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