Where did that week go?

My daily posting hasn’t been a success. Somehow a whole week shot by.

I had a pretty good week. No cheats and I didn’t have any restaurant temptations in the last week.

Poboy day!

I was tempted by Free Lunch Wednesday. The hot sausage and meatball poboys were screaming for me to devour them but I held strong. I just had a salad with grilled chicken. I had a salad with some meatballs off the bread on Thursday.

Beignets & King Cake!!!

Only 1 more week of King Cake. A client dropped off 5 large king cakes. Then someone dropped off a few dozen beignets. The office reeked of sweet frosting. 😛

I skipped it all, but it took until 4pm for all of the king cake to disappear. I was beginning to crack.

2 more lunch and learns last week but I was able to avoid the food from both of them.

Today I avoided  King Cake for breakfast, BBQ during lunch and jambalaya & other party food at a birthday party.

The Contest

Last Thursday, I was down about 14 pounds total which is only  good for 3rd place. I did gain about .5% on the leaders but they are still a full 1% ahead of me. I thought The Kman would stop losing once he hit a certain weight but he is still hitting the diet/fast hard.  Mr. B slowed down a little bit but I heard he was eating cucumber slices while everyone else ate cake over in the Texas office.

3 of the 5 weeks, I had the biggest % loss. Those other two weeks hurt me.

I’ve been keeping the calories to approx 1500. No meltdowns like last week.  Almonds work much better than pistachios as my snack.

I’ve been eating burgers with salad, tuna fish with salad and pork chops with salad with almonds on the side as a snack. Thursday will be the halfway mark. I’m hoping to start on the bike soon………soon.

Happy dieting, see you soon….

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man



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  1. Glad you have posted in a week. It is taking me a bit longer. Glad you are back … and doing better! 😀

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