If you don’t have something nice to say……

Don’t say it. 😛

Thus my silence. 😀

I’ve had a bit of a bad stretch, to put it mildly.

The Rails…..

The telescope needed for me to see the rails….

I went so far off the rails the last couple of weeks, I can barely spot them with the Hubble telescope.

Once you go that far off the rails, it can be tough to get back to work. I tried a couple of times and failed. I think the only reason I was finally able to right the ship is that I couldn’t think of anything bad to eat that I hadn’t already consumed more than once in the last two weeks.

Buy Ben & Jerry’s stock because it is certain to surge when they report quarterly earnings thanks to all of the ice cream I mowed down. 😛

I finally took back control from the cookie monster side of my brain. Heck, even the cookie monster was like, “hey, whoa, settle down.”

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Turkey burger, almonds

Calories – 1150

Earlier this month, I bought some chipotle seasoning. I used it on the pork loin and man did I love it.  I loved it all the way up until I hated it. 😀

I don’t think I have evey gone from liking something to really disliking something that fast. Heck, not even close. I cooked one large pork loin with the seasoning and the last couple of pieces were a struggle. That actually aided in my demise the last couple of weeks. I didn’t want to eat anymore of the chipotle seasoned pork.

I cooked another pork loin yesterday and went back to my old cajun seasoning with a touch of Tony C’s.

That’s it for the night. I am back. No need to send out the troops to find me. I’ll post more info tomorrow.  The carnage on the scale will be ugly!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Technical Difficulties…..

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Must be problems with the computer.

Could be aliens.

Maybe I am too distraught after I finally watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones.

That episode was so evil, he gets two pics.

I’m actually glad I don’t read that series. I would be so mad I wouldn’t be able to see straight if I had read book 3.

Bush? He seems to get blamed for everything bad that has happened in the last 45 years so I blame Bush for my absence.

Don’t want to pick on one side so… Thanks Obama!

Avoiding the issue?


See you tomorrow with a real thread….maybe. 😛

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I should have backed away from the lunch table this afternoon but the lure of the hot sausage was too much for me.  At first I was fine. Then a bit later I decided to load up a plate of grilled chicken Caesar. Around 1pm, I caved and pulled the sausage off a couple of poboys.

Overall my calories weren’t too bad but the sodium will hit me hard tomorrow. Especially since I already had a high sodium turkey burger for breakfast. I’ll be up a bunch tomorrow but it should be gone by Friday.

Weight Statistics


I had the scale moving in the right direction the last couple of days. The good news is that the ravenous hoard disposed of all of the poboys so I won’t be tempted tomorrow.

My next major temptation will be the donuts on Friday. I think I should be able to get through Friday unscathed. I’ve had enough cheats lately so I am not craving anything. Well, except for cornbread. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Caesar salad with grilled chicken, hot sausage

Dinner – Pork loin

Snack – Almonds

Calories – 1750

A bit higher on the calories than I would like, but overall not terrible. Could have been much worse with the meatball, hot roast beef and hot sausage poboys all over the place. Also passed on the chicken & sausage gumbo.

Short post tonight.

Happy Dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

Carb Meltdown!

I’ve been in a carb free for all for the last 2 weeks!

I didn’t have pancakes or cornbread, but Ice Cream was well represented the last couple of weeks.

I went over board with everything. I didn’t eat any pizza. That is about the only thing I didn’t eat. I had some Chinese food. Hit up some Mexican twice. Popeye’s chicken and biscuits made an appearance. Taco Bell said hello.

Needless to say the scale is not very happy with me.

Weight Statistics


I was down to 176 before the wheels fell off. Time to get back to work. I finally made it to the store and purchased safe carb free meals. I dumped the beef burgers and loaded up on turkey burgers.

Someone tossed some pizza on the grazing table and my brain tried to convince me to restart tomorrow. I was able to hold back the cookie monster side of my brain. Finally! 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Those burgers up above sure do look a lot better than the butterball burgers. 😛

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snack – Almonds, Turkey burger

Calories – 1300

I need another good day tomorrow and then the carb cravings should lessen a bit. At the moment, I want ice cream!!!


No ice cream until I am back below 175.  That might take a while. I’m sure some water weight will drop off but I put some real weight back on with all the carb munching.

Oh well, Back at it. Also need to get back to the bike which I’ve only been saying for 2 months. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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