I have to laugh….


at the insane fluctuation in my weight after a cheat. I jumped from 165.1 to 168.8 after a trip to Casa Garcia for some chips and salsa along with some beef fajitas.

I wasn’t able to get my blog out last night because of the outing with my friend John who wrangled my arm behind my back and forced me to eat all that food. 😀

I was overdue for a cheat. My last cheat was two weeks ago so I had planned a cheat for Saturday and I was ready to go out when a friend called for dinner.

Weight Statistics


I was expecting a jump up, but I was not expecting a 3.7 pound increase. That is a little aggravating. Last week I had a good eating week for the whole week and didn’t lose any weight and now I get hit with a giant gain after a trip to my favorite Mexican place.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Chips with salsa & bean dip, Beef fajitas.

Calories – 2500+

I did chow down pretty hard on the chips and dip before the fajitas hit the table. I’m sure some of the weight gain is real  but most of it is sodium related and should be gone in a few days.

Tip Of The Day

After a cheat, you need to get back to work immediately. I’ve had a great day today so far and I need to make sure I have a good week.

It will be interesting to see how Wednesday will affect my weight because the company caters lunch for everyone every Wednesday.

I might need to behave 100% this Wednesday to get all the weight off from yesterday. And of course I need to continue running the donuts gauntlet without eating any. 😀

I had my big cheat for the time being, so I should be able to behave until the next cheat which isn’t that far off. The office Christmas party is next Saturday.

One thing to avoid is the “Oh It’s Christmas I’ll Make Up For It In The New Year Mentality.” Don’t just toss your hands in the air and give up for the whole Christmas Season.

Pick a few cheats and make sure you do your best to make up the lost ground between the cheats.

Work sure is a minefield. Kudos to all of you who have been able to lose weight while working in an office fraught with food perils. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




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