Danger Weekend

Tip Of The Day

This weekend is going to be tough.  I’ve had a real nice drop over the last 10 days so my brain keeps pleading with me to go cookie monster on a buffet.  My brain is pleading with me to head to Casa Garcia for some chips & dip.

My darn brain can be convincing when it wants to be.  “Just ride 20 miles the next day to makeup for the bad dinner.” “just don’t eat as much next week and work out harder.” “You are 4 pounds below your original goal, enjoy a feast.” “Someone last night said you needed to stop, I agree, stop and hit the Chinese Buffet.”


That is what has been running through my head non-stop lately. That kind of nonsense. You know what I am talking about. We all try to rationalize our actions whether they are good or bad for us.  So far I have been able to ignore that nonsense, but it has been hard lately.  I really don’t trust myself to behave at a restaurant at the moment.

My body is still adjusting to Induction with exercise.  I really may need to adjust my calorie count upwards a little bit. I had no idea that an hour on a bike could burn 450 calories.

The good news is that I am hungrier to break the 70s barrier than I am to go crazy eating.  I say that but I also hope I don’t get any phone calls for lunch or dinner this weekend. 😛

This is one of those weekends when I am going to really need to dig deep, hunker down , tighten the belt straps and any other clichés  you can think of.

What is one to do when they are at this point? If you haven’t had a cheat in a while, a planned cheat won’t hurt and can help you keep your sanity.  I had two cheats, two weeks ago, so I don’t want to use one this weekend but planned cheats are an important part of a successful diet as long as they are few and far between and you don’t go overboard.

What can I do if I am not going to use a planned cheat? When you are starved you need to distract yourself any way possible. Some say it is the perfect time for exercise, but that just makes me hungrier.  To each his own, you need to find something you enjoy that can temporarily distract you from your hunger.  Hunger does actually fade and disappear so you just need to be able to wait it out without going all Cookie Monster.  A good movie works for me.  A nice video game.  Ranting in forums or here in this blog.  Listening to good music. Anything. Just something to give your body time to work through the hunger signals.

Snack. If you are about to break. Time to pull out some extra snacks.

I’ll probably end up browsing forums, while watching a movie and playing video games while on the phone with music on in the background. 😛

Weight Statistics


Slight bounce up from yesterday but that is to be expected after a 10 pounds loss in less than 10 days. A slowdown was due.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken salad with coleslaw

Lunch – Hamburger patty, cheese slice and coleslaw

Dinner – Tuna with avocados

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1100

Biking Update

I’ve come to realize, the online wind gauge I use is absolutely worthless. Yes it gives me the correct wind direction, but it lies about the speed all of the time.

I went out expecting almost no wind and I get out there and trees are swaying. I waved at Dorothy as she and her cabin flew by.

Good thing is was a short ride day. My legs were weak and the wind was strong. The first 3 miles were miserable.

On the good news front, I passed someone.  Okay, okay, okay, he was about 100 years old, but it is better that I passed him than having him pass me. 😛

Road Marker 330 – 6.4 Miles

Happy Dieting and have a great weekend

The Grumpy Man

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