Sleepy Sunday

I don’t own any pajamas but if I did, today would be the day to wear them all day on the couch while flipping from channel to channel. I am really exhausted today. ­čśŤ

Biking Update

Skipping 3 days in a row guilted me into riding on my normal day off and making sure I did a long ride. This time of year means constant winds from the southeast which means the first 3 miles are always going to be miserable and they were. ┬áThe wind was blowing pretty good but with 3 days off, my legs were a bit stronger. ┬áThe wind really didn’t bother me too much until about the last half mile stretch of the first 3 miles.

Overall, the ride wasn’t too bad but my neck and butt were screaming at me for about the last 5 miles.

Estimated Road Marker – 660 – 20 miles

Not sure what I am going to do today. I am really tired so I may skip my ride or I may just get out for a short ride. Only time will tell.

Weight Statistics


I was able to hold my low weight. I really figured I would pop up a bit today because of my big bad burger yesterday. I am happy to see that I was able to have a shrimp poboy and a big jumbo burger within the last few days without gaining weight because I made up for the increased calories with the bike and cutting calories in my other meals.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – None

Lunch –┬áJalape├▒os┬ábun, hot sausage blend burger,┬ájalape├▒os┬ájack cheese, tiger sauce, saut├ęed onions, peppers and┬ájalape├▒os┬áwith a┬áCaesar┬áside salad. Yeah, I went for spicy. ­čśÇ

Dinner – Hamburger patty and cheese slice

Snack – None

Calories – 1675

Really wanted to skip dinner but around 10pm I caught myself gnawing on my foot, so I decided to grab a patty. My bike ride burns about 1000 calories so that saved me from getting a bounce from my meal at Phil’s Grill. I don’t know if it was my hunger or if it was just a great burger but wow that burger was good at Phil’s.

It is that time again. Yes I had a great meal at Phil’s but that didn’t mean everything was perfect.

I am tired of restaurants proclaiming to offer saut├ęed or grilled veggies only to have raw veggies that have spent approximately 3 seconds over heat. Those are not saut├ęed.

Onions and peppers have an entirely different flavor and texture if they are truly saut├ęed. They go from bitter and crunchy to sweet and soft. They also change color. It really isn’t difficult to tell when the veggies are cooked.

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants can’t ever seem to cook the bells peppers or onions and Phil’s left the┬ájalape├▒os┬áand bell peppers raw and crunchy which was odd because they got the onions right.

Quit promising me saut├ęed when all you are doing is serving raw veggies. ­čśŤ

Powerball Update

It appears my job woes will not be a problem much longer because my sister has proclaimed she will win the $200,000,000 on Wednesday. ­čśÇ

Actually, I am not so certain of her numbers being the winners so anyone with job contacts in the New Orleans area, some help would be appreciated. ­čśÇ

Tip Of The Day


If you are just starting your diet or even if you have been on it for a while with a long way to go, take some pictures. I really don’t have many before after photos but even I can see the difference from the before after shots I posted the other day. It really inspires the heck out of me to finish the job and to maintain my weight once I reach my final goal.

Don’t just take photos. Take measurements too. Those will help you get through those tough plateaus when you can see that you are losing inches even if the weight is stalled. ┬áIf you are exercising, most of the time, the stall is just fat dropping off and heavier muscle being added, which keeps the scale from moving. So taking measurements is a great way to see progress when the scale isn’t moving.

Break out the camera and the tape measure. Take pictures from several angles so you can really see the changes as the occur. I wish I had done that when I started.

Happy Holiday Weekend & Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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