Day Off Wednesday

I wish I had a nice swimming pool like that to relax in but at least today is my normal day off from the bike so I have that going for me. I need to recharge the batteries so it is a good thing today is my day off. Tomorrow I have a lunch with an old friend I haven’t been in touch with for years. That should be fun and I will be mowing down either a roast beef poboy or a shrimp poboy.  I haven’t decided which but I am leaning towards the shrimp. I think oysters still cost an arm and a leg since the BP spill or I would go for an oyster poboy. To my northern friends a poboy is just basically your normal sandwich topping on french bread.

Sorry for the evil pictures.  I think  I have settled on the shrimp.  I’ll keep it to the small size with no sides and an ice tea and I will make sure I get my ride in after my meal.

Aquarium Update

Blutto is not to be toyed with. He is a lean mean carnivore and evidently he does not like shrimp as anything more than food. I don’t blame him, see above mention of a certain type of poboy.  I caught him red-handed chasing the last two shrimp around and killing one of them. Next thing I know the other one is dead too and almost completely eaten. I guess my plans to try one more batch of shrimp is canceled.

Weight Statistics


Tiny pop back up. I am officially on ……..

Mr. Plateau! Good to see you again.  I knew one was coming. I had a pretty good drop from 190 to 181.2 in a very short time frame so I knew I was going to run into my dear friend, Mr. Plateau.

I’m not worried though. I am feeling much better today plus I know I have two cheats on the way so that perks my spirit up a bit.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Hamburger and cheese slice

Lunch – Tuna with coleslaw

Dinner – Cheese salad with coleslaw

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1100

I ran out of pretty much everything yesterday and was still too lazy to hit Wal-Mart. I only got to 1100 calories with some extra cheese and olive oil on the salads.  Don’t worry, I have already gone to the store today. I had to my fridge was almost empty. 😀 I couldn’t make a meal out of butter, sriracha and cheese slices.

Biking Update

Wind. It was brutal. The main problem is that the first 3 miles of my route head southeast and the wind has consistently been from the southeast so the first 3 miles are miserable.  The last few rides I have really felt the heat. I can’t imagine how nasty it is going to be out there in a month. I really don’t sweat much, but the last 3 rides my shirt has been pretty soaked by the time I get home.

I need to start sticking notes on myself like this guy because once again, I forgot to grab a water bottle attachment for my bike. I will definitely be needing that as the heat goes from a simmer to a rolling boil in the next few weeks.

I need to start getting up at daybreak to hit the levee before the heat does but that requires a tad more motivation than I have had lately. A few more rides in the heat might slowly change my mind.

Tip Of The Day

Support. It is just so darn important to have a good support group that I can’t actually put it into words.  Oh, I just did. 😀

When one is feeling glum and beaten down like I was yesterday, it is important to have some friends and a community to fall back on for a little pick me up. All of you were helpful and supportive. 😀

One of the top tips  for weight loss it to make sure you have some help. I use this blog and other forums to get the support I need from people experiencing the same struggle. It helps. It makes it harder to cheat and easier to keep on the straight and narrow and it gives me a boost on down days.

You guys don’t realize how much you have helped. I don’t think I have had a fast food meltdown since I started writing this blog. Maybe I will try to weed through the dying website that has all  of my data and I will compile a list of UNPLANNED cheats that I took before I started the blog. I’m not sure I have had an unplanned cheat in over 3 months and it is all because of this blog and the fear of having the write about it here. 😛

So thank you and make darn tooting sure you have all the support you need. Weight watchers is great. If you don’t want to spend money on it, then you can just look up active weight forums on the internet.

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow,

The Grumpy Man

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